Another nodeshell rescue.

Two decades ago (it hurt to say that), I had left home and was living in a log cabin behind a friend's house. My friend had an interesting and unorthodox family life. The Dad was a professional fur trapper (No, really!), and the kids were all artistic and very odd. They were all very cool.

One evening, after tossing pizzas in the air for eleven hours (my relief was late), I staggered home to discover a hot, large breasted naked teenage girl in my bed. It was my friend's oldest sister, one year younger than I was. She was stretched out, her long legs hanging partially off of the bed. She was propped up on one arm, and she had this 'come fuck me now' look on her face. At this point in my life, I had certainly dreamed of such an event, and I stopped quickly in my tracks. As my powers of suave coolness had not manifested themselves at that time, I stuttered the first thing that came to mind:

Ummmm, uh, Hi, um, you look great."

Yes, not the smooth pickup I expected to pop out of my mouth. Blood rushed from one head towards the other, and the lack of oxygen had obviously affected my brain functioning.

It was about this time I noticed the other person in the room. It was her boyfriend, sitting in my easy chair, drawing pad in hand. He was a talented artist, and he had captured that sexy smile of hers on paper. He was also looking at me in an annoyed fashion, which was not a good thing, since I was very skinny at the time and he was a wrestler at my school.

Oh, uh, sorry Dude, didn't mean to intrude... I left quickly.

That's right, didn't mean to intrude into my own house at the end of a long workday. Their impending sex session was cut short. Afterwards, he was always grumpy to me. From that day forward, she always flashed that fuck-me-now smile whenever we ran into each other. She told me she was surprised at first when I barged in, but that she was very pleased with my physical reaction to the situation. My wearing jogging shorts didn't hide much.

That made the whole experience worthwhile.

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