Since my discovery of Water Joe, I've heard several people comment that it would probably make some powerful coffee. Unfortunately, if you use a conventional drip percolator, as most of us do, you'll be wasting the extra cash you spent on that caffeinated water.

Your average coffee maker works by quickly boiling the water and sending it up to the filter cradle in a tube. If you took physical science class at any time in your academic career, you probably know that boiled H2O leaves the impurities behind when it evaporates, caffeine, in this case being an impurity. (However good an impurity it is.)

If you're absolutely intent on intoxicating yourself with Water Joe coffee, there are some ways to get around this: Simply make coffee in an unconventional way. Use a French press, which doesn't require the evaporation of the water. Or, you can jury rig something. (as I've had to do lately, since my coffee maker went out of commission).

I make jury-rigged coffee by bringing some water to a boil, pouring it in a thermos, and then securely fastening a coffee filter around the mouth of the thermos with a rubber band. (Take the lid off the thermos first, it will only get in the way.) Viola! Simply pour. (You may need a big mug for this, or things could get messy.)

And for you people who like to take your caffeine multiple ways, don't forget there's always Water Joe tea.

Personally, I prefer the stuff straight. Water Joe packs quite a kick on its own.

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