A joint venture between Starbucks and Time Warner, IIRC. A lifestyle magazine, like we needed yet another. We have gone from the coffeehouses that were incubators of revolutions (French and American), to coffeehouses that housed the burgeoning "beatnik" sheeple countercultures of (often bad) jazz and (mostly bad) poetry, to coffeehouses that are franchises in a "hip" McDonald's-of-the-90s. And now we have Joe, the bathroom reading of the beancounterculture. Feh.

A Unix editor by Joseph Allen. JOE stands for Joe's Own Editor. In its default mode it acts like the good old TurboC/Pascal editors (that were inspired in the WordStar keybindings). It can also emulate Pico and Emacs.

YA unix text-mode editor, with ancient key bindings where you mostly press ctrl-K first and then some letter. (K probably stays for Kommand):

  • Ctrl-K H show Help
  • Ctrl-K X save and eXit
  • Ctrl-K S just Save
  • Ctrl-K Q Quit without saving

can be found via http://freshmeat.net/projects/joe

In North America (and perhaps other English speaking areas, but I'm not qualified), the article joe is used as a slang term for coffee. Usually in this usage it implies basic, black, salt of the earth coffee with none of your sissy "gourmet" flavours and "two-creams-and-three-sugars" Starbucks fluff.

The origin is probably hotly (pun intended) disputed, but from my research points to a variety of sources:

  • ...a simple corruption of "java".

  • ...from phrase like "average joe", meaning common and unremarkable, as coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world.

  • ...rhyming slang from "go" or "a cup of go-juice", as coffee is also used by a huge number of people to get themselves going in the morning.

Joe (?), n.

See Johannes.


© Webster 1913.

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