You had to hustle a lot to get this job. Just finding someone who would trust you with something this big had taken years of talking up smarmy pimps and wiseguy junkies only to be left dead in the water every fucking time with a "What are you talking about?" or a limp-dicked "Yeah, I'll call you if I need you". Now you've finally pulled a big one. The fat fuck at the jewelry store never knew what hit him and the cops were still two blocks over when you drove off with the loot.

Now your fresh-faced ass is standing in a parking lot at nine-thirty on a Saturday night, alone, wearing your best underwear and waiting for the fence to drive up to take these rocks off your hands. Why the clean undies? You may not be a big shot but you weren't born yesterday! You know as well as the next crook that things can go wrong -- what if the clerk woke up during the heist and tried to be a hero? What if the cops got there faster than you thought they would? You might get seriously injured, that's what!

So then what happens? Why you go to a hospital of course; where they take off your clothes and put you in one of those paper robes! Do you want them to see the holey, skid-marked, held-together-with-duct-tape underwear you normally have on? Of course not!

This has been a nodeshell rescue.

The day is February 13 and as of yet I have nothing to do on that all-important day in a girl's life: Valentine's Day. It's 3:00 in the afternoon, and just as I'm about to get out of work, that cute guy from my chemistry class walks into the store. Wow, every time I see him I just want him more. It's not just his good looks that make me want him either. He's the sweetest, most sincere man I've come across in my 18 yrs. of life. I muster up my most charming smile and look at him with what I hope is a sexy-come talk to me-look. To my great excitement he meanders over, walking his cute little walk, and starts to talk to me. I lean over the counter, hoping that my boss isn't watching, and ask, "So what are you up to?" Meanwhile, I'm trying desperately not to throw myself at him and make him take me somewhere for that special day.

He utters those words that I always love to hear, "I came to talk to you, hun." Oh, to keep myself from floating away.

"Really, about what?"

He leans over and whispers into my ear, "How would you like to go out someplace special tomorrow?" I almost miss what he's asking, but what he says suddenly sinks in, and this time I can't stop myself from hugging him.

"Wow, really! I would absolutely love to! Where are we going? What are we going to do? How should I dress?" I don't seem to be able to control my mouth. It has run away and I'm afraid it will make a fool out of me. My face gets suddenly red, and much to my relief this boy of my dreams just smiles at me.

"It's a secret," he says. "I'll pick you up tomorrow at 6:00, and I want you to wear a dress or skirt." With that he walks over to the other side of the store and buys a candy bar, leaving me in ecstasy.

I think to myself, "He must be taking me somewhere great if I have to dress up!"

Well, the rest of the day takes forever as I wait in eager anticipation for tomorrow to come. I go up to bed half an hour early thinking that if I'm asleep I won't realize that the time is going by so slow. I have a wonderful night, full of wonderful dreams of that cute boy and me together forever.

However, my plan doesn't work quite as well as I hoped. Since I went to bed early, I get up early, at about 7:30. It's a Saturday, so I don't even have classes to keep me occupied for a while. After I eat breakfast, I spend the whole day picking out the perfect outfit, and of course with the perfect outfit comes the perfect undergarments. By 10:00 I decided to wear my little, silk, black, sleeveless dress. It will show off my long, milky, soon to be smooth legs, my little waist, and the plummeting neckline will show just enough cleavage to entice him, bringing the eyes up to my ivory shoulders. I hope the combination will entrance my wonder boy.

It takes me even longer to decide how I want to do my hair... I finally decide to let my dark, long, thick, straight hair fall gracefully to my waist and just sweep back a little piece above my ear to put into an elegant little braid. After asking my roommate a dozen times how I look, I'm finally convinced that I look terrific.

Ugh! It's only 3:00! This day is taking forever! I decide to take a shower just to make sure my long, milky legs are silky smooth and that I smell absolutely unforgettable. I use my vanilla shower supplies so that I smell the same from head to toe. My shower relaxes me, and I just stand under the water daydreaming about the wonderful night to come and imagining the goodnight kiss I hope I'll get for a while...

When my shower is over, I get dressed again and re-do my hair, it turns out even better this time...

It's finally 5:30 and I'm almost ready. I just touch up my full red lips and my dark eye shadow (which seems to make my eyes stand out and demand attention), put on my fire opal necklace and earrings that are my favorite and bring the attention from my dress right up to my face, and slip on my five inch black velvet stiletto heels.

I wait anxiously on my couch waiting for my doorbell to ring. Finally, at 10 after 6:00 I hear the music of my doorbell ringing in my ears. My man is finally here to sweep me off my feet! When I open the door, he hands me a single, beautiful, long stemmed red rose with a sheer white ribbon tied around the stem. I smile and say "Thank you; no one's ever given me a flower before."

"No problem, it pales in comparison with your beauty anyways." Ohh! What a perfect start to a perfect evening! (Needless to say it completely makes me forget that he was late.) He then takes my arm and leads me to the wonderful little red sports car he's driving; he even opens the door for me!

The first place we go is a chic little French restaurant, a strict black tie affair. I eat a wonderful meal of Agneau (lamb), and an absolutely delicious desert of Poire belle helene. During dinner he makes me feel so special. He gives me his undivided attention and holds my hand before the food comes. He is so sweet! He whispers sweet little nothings during dinner and makes me feel like the most special person in the world.

After dinner he sweeps me off to the beach where we take a long walk with the waves gently massaging our ankles. We talk about everything, from computers to sports. The only thing we avoid is sex, and that's only because we are both still nervous.

After hours of talking and falling absolutely head over heels in love with him and deciding that he would never do anything to hurt me, he says, "I have a special place I want to show you." So we go to his car and we drive off. After about 15 minutes of driving he hands me a blindfold and tells me to slip it on.

I feel the car stop after about 5 more minutes. He says, "Wait right here. I'll be back in a minute." After what seems like hours, he finally returns and opens my door. "Come with me my dear."

I get out of the car and let him lead me through another few doors. After getting out of an elevator and walking down a hall, we stop and he tells me to take off the blindfold.

When I look up I see that I'm in a ratty hotel! There are cigarette burns in the carpet below me and a few lights down the hall are flicking on and off as if they can't decide if they want to stay burned out or not. I turn towards him with a confused hurt look on my face, "How could you?" And with tears running down my face I run out of the building.

And that's how I ended up standing in a parking lot at nine-thirty on a Saturday night, alone, wearing my best underwear.

This is a completly fictional story created to fit the node that I thought was neat.

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