The antithesis to period pants, these are the expensive, silky, saucy scraps of lingerie, no less revealing than a shoe-lace, but hugely more erotic, that women keep in the front of their drawers awaiting being donned for a “date” or any occasion where the woman has pre-planned that she might ‘put out’.

They live at the front of the drawer because, whenever we women re-arrange our drawers we like to place them in our direct line of sight, thus creating an impression to ourselves (and any men who might glimpse the sanctum sanctorum of our knicker drawer) that we are beautiful and perfect creatures who wear only the finest underwear, and certainly do not own any period pants.

I very much enjoy 'nookie knickers' and the slight thrill that their minimal surface area coverage allows . I have noticed, in my experience that they are usually accompanied by what are known as 'nookie knockers'.

'Nookie knockers' are the specially prepared breast package, lovingly bestowed upon ones lover by women who favour 'nookie knickers'.

The brasiere will inevitably match the colour and texture of said 'nookie knickers' and will aid the uplift of the 'nookie knockers' whilst creating a cleavage to die for.

I am honoured to have enjoyed the occasional bout of euphoria afforded me by an immaculately presented 'Nookie knicker/knocker' combo.

I have also come face to face with the odd pair of 'period pants', but you've got to take the rough with the smooth haven't you?

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