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Saginaw Valley State University
I don't believe in "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger."
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What I want for Christmas... Something homemade or something from your town, or something I can't get in Michigan or a tasty, but mailable desert that doesn't contain chocolate(I can't have cafine :( Use your imagination silly! If your sister/girlfriend/little brother thinks it's cool, I'll probably like it. (That means legos are definitly a good idea! Hope that helps.

I found an old fashioned typewriter. I'm trying to make it my new keyboard... cross your fingers!

I'm now a proud member of ninjagirls! Yeah!

I'm now a proud member of circusfreaks! I'm a clown, I work for cake and icecream. It's a great gig.

To see some of my lovely art work go to
Or more specifically:

I'm a 21 year old girl believe it or don't. I don't care. I'll be twenty two October 6th. Feel compeled to get me a birthday present.

e-mail address:

ICQ: 149227905

AIM: swish lass

I finally took the Political Compass Test and found out where I stand.
Economic Left/Right: -2.88
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.13

This puts me near Gandhi and the Dalai Lama, don't worry I was suprised too. Turns out it's about the complete opposite of Bush. I knew there was a reason I didn't like him...

I thought this was great from Girls who want to fuck, just to fuck by phenylketonurics: "It's all chemicals. Sex was pretty disgusting before them (Remember being seven?)" He he he, I love it.

Cool Man Eddie says Hey, swish girl, Ereneta just cooled your stinging nettle writeup, baby!

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I'm SO excited.

My very first C! on Feb. 28 2002. It's from the great mr100percent! Yeah! The exact message said: Cool Man Eddie says mr100percent just cooled your writeup on Crying does not get you out of a ticket, baby

Spackle says You have been drafted into my posse whether you like it or not! :-)
mat catastrophe says ooh. if you are living through me, does that mean you like it when i eat pizza and/or kiss girls?
Great Moments in the catbox...
22:42: Spackle is going to meet swish girl some day come hell or highwater

My response to the question: Is the glass half empty or half full?
      Half empty because then I will conserve it when I am walking through the desert and not think to myself “oh there is plenty” and drink it all in one gulp and be screwed. :oP

Thanks to mock style for the valuable advice!

This part always under constuction and never quite up to date...

Nodes to make your write-ups look pretty.

E2 HTML tags : Chapter 0

Nodes that aren't funny unless you know another language.

Japanese puns that are not funny but at least are puns

Nodes I hope to someday fill.

lemon pepper
Chincoteague Ponies
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter
a million mosquito bites and sticky fingers
black belt in flirting, second degree
nostalgic for a time that I never experienced and for a person I never was
and all songs that follow...

The best nodes I have read on E2.

Only Slightly a Geek Girl by Templeton
I wish I could Cry by m_turner
I hate you. Please don't leave me. by ccunning
Be Mine by Bexxta
there's no room in my life for anyone to stay by liontamer
I love you by brandied_pewter
I work in an office now by Yurei

The nodes I have read.

quichegeek-friendly girlfriendsexYou are smart, I would like to make love to youflan Only Slightly a Geek GirlE2 HTML tags : Chapter 0HTML Colors19831979yellowJava ChatterboxInvader ZIMGir Theatrical Sound DesignThe one smell which is impossible to wash off your hands. Why do people only think I'm hot when I'm not available?protect your daughtersgeeks make good boyfriendsSignificant Other I love youThe thrill is goneThe Rejection LinePlatonichow to tell when a guy just wants to be friendsButterfinger McFlurrypearl necklace-sickos! Which is worse? Dumping or being dumped?how to change a girl's mind about just being friendscity chickenHow to tell a girl just wants to be friends10 Reasons Why I'm Not Singlecreative ways of killing peopleWell....If I absolutely had to fuck a girls are sexyHow To Pick Up Girlscockblockingonline girlfriendafter all white horses are in bednaked teenage girlWhat Women WantE2 Clueless (Newbie) Mistakes To AvoidWhen is the best time to node?Who cares how pretty your girlfriend is?the infamous list of porn titles read by Randall in ClerksA fine line between stupid and cleverI can't decide if what you're saying is too profound for me to comprehend or just insane.No, but she's got a great personality.Don't tell her she's beautifulI hope there is someone in your life to tell you how beautiful you arethe imaginary world where I make up things and they are truegirls who wear glassesSame planet. Different worlds.Samoaswaking up to find a half-naked girl in your bed world created in your mindteenage horny girlsomeone on the same plane as you, mentallyYou're WRONG and you're a GROTESQUELY UGLY FREAK When did everyone get so attractive?Everything2 as a 300 pound kittenliquorI am sorry but when you were talking I was admiring the shape of your lips and evaluating their kissabilityGetting along with your best friend's girlfriendWal-Mart Where People Beat Their Kidsnookie knickersMujello shot Hibiscusremove I think I'm going mad. Care to come with me?fondueSlow Comfortable Screw Up Against the Walljell-o shotSlush I know I'm going mad. How are you enjoying it so far?Apparently I am a potential rapistSlow Comfortable Screwparticularly nice dream The Mythical Man-Monthhow to impress a manfuck like crazed weaselsHow to impress a womancunnilingusVegetapashsnog Everything is NOT a BBSBetter Than ChocolateshagKahluaThere Was a Customer TodayThere were only twelve raindrops, she counted them on the windshield under heavy soft skiesBliss and the Art of Shower Massage Masturbationcaught masturbatingsex with your best friend Unlike me you are unlike meroadposhDulce De Lechethose moments where you can't even cry, you just sit thereMay 3, 2000...rp virgin-whore complexliquid crystal pantsKosheenNode your homeworkBefore we hire you, we want to gauge your degree of self-loathing (idea) GoreckiMilkbeautifulgarbageThe Sky Is Blue and Sometimes Criesquantum physicsA pathological fairy talephone corddumbassCatholic girl theoryAlmond JoyASCII artDepravityGirls who want to fuck, just to fuckMasturbation is only for people who can't get laid, right?The skinny British fag effectTeenage love can suck pretty badThe Power Structure of Everything2Let's not start sucking each other's dicks quite yet, gentlementwinkShe has trouble acting normalWhen having sex in ancient RomephysicsVirginWhere do all the socks go that disappearElephantBristolMorrisseyMPAAJesusdecadenceI love youWhat is really real?Mellon Collie and the Infinite SadnessSeparation of church and stateThe Smashing PumpkinsEverything2Birth control pillFaustnepotismSuicide is a legitimate option in a case like thisEverything BartenderWhy strapping buttered toast to a cat's back will not produce infinite powerInstructions for kissing a strangerIf my roommate doesn't keep his hands off my shit, I'm gonna fuck him upIf you are considering suicide, think about thisAnthology 2Men are from Earth. Women are from Earth. Deal with it.That whole bedroom thing wouldn't have happened if you hadn't tried to explain Quantum PhysicsTell people they're beautiful and you will change the worldCould it be that I'm becoming your secret admirer?How much money do you make?While I have a girlfriend, can my best friend be femaleYesterday I kissed the girl I loveHow much plant life is needed to keep a person alive in a sealed room?Stupidest thing you've coded just to see if you couldAnita Blake, Vampire HunterSleeping with someoneSelf-injuryA drug that gives instant orgasmsI know you're cute no matter how many layers of abstraction you hide behindMachina II/The Friends and Enemies of Modern MusicWhy is it bad to compliment a woman's breasts?How to use your geek skills to get the girlbiting my handErotic nodesForms of poetryMy first and last attempt at a one night stand was raided by the policeA Perfect DayFight Club and Everything2Wouldn't it suck to be God's mom and not even get laid in the deal?I still can't think of anything, or how Fight Club changed my lifedepravedIt's obvious you've never owned a penisthis is me, saying goodbye. (idea)licking eyeballsEvolution of Ethics and Morals through different religions (idea)Falling through the cracks: Heroin (idea)The Problem of the Invisible Man (idea)A Small World (idea)March 2, 2001 (idea)How to get chicks - black metal versionmini-pillTalking to the popular kids is dangerousHow to Be a GirlWaldenbooks (place)Sir Henry At Rawlinson EndAdventures in the Life of Brian (thing)Monsters, Inc.Love is Not EnoughAverage Atmospherocepalic Bureaucrat in the Act of Milking a Cranial HarpThe night I realized there is no "just" in friendsMake the computer work? I'll need two black candles and a chicken.EMARHow to sleep with 10,000 women in four simple stepsHow to sleep with 0 women in four simple stepsThis Diamond Ring (thing)ASCII pornStrippers make more money than prostitutesThe guy's guide to geek girlsJohn Lennon AnthologyThe Node CodeFemale programming lacks qualityWhy the willow weepsalphabetizerSexually harrassing each other in that cute, non-threatening teenage wayThanks Playboy! : A meeting of two nodersGood Girls Don'tI am my father's daughter (idea)Arguments for the Perceived Impending Revival of ImperialismNerds, geeks and genderI'm so pissed I can't stand upThe Bristol International Noder Meet (place)Romance on life supportAugustin-Louis Cauchy and the Rigorisation of AnalysisDesine fata deum flecti sperare precandoMIT Guide to LockpickingFebruary 19, 2003September 11, 1973She sketched on paper napkinsLet's fuck this donkeyArt is the lie that tells the truth (idea)January 25, 2003 (idea)Breeding BettasBetta geneticsNodeSTARCity of Souls IDesigning a Fantasy World (idea)February 14, 2004pancakesFahrenheitIce cream

Nodes that sound tasty

flanquicheflanButterfinger McFlurrySamoasliquorfondueSlow Comfortable Screw Up Against the Walljell-o shotVegetaKahluaDulce De LecheAlmond JoypancakesIce cream

Home nodesI have visited

Someday these will be in alphabetical order...
(darsi)... allseeingeye... amnesiac... AndieX... Apatrix... Aresds... Ascorbic... Augusta... azuroth... Bane... bexxta... blessedangel... boi_toi... brain... BtS... C-Dawg... call... cbustapeck... ccunning... chancel... Chiisuta... claypenny... clearpebbles... dannye... darl... dead... denorae... deprecated... Derfel... Desterado... dex207... DMan... Dreamvirus... drownzsurf... ekiMish... El Puerco Loco... Ereneta... Fahrenheit... Faust... Frankie... Frisina... frost... Fruan... Glowing Fish... googol... Gritchka... grundoon... haze... heppigirl... iandunn... Inebriated Poet... insanefuzzie... jasonm... jaubertmoniker... JerboaKolinowski... Jesus... Jet-Poop... jethro bodine... JohnnyGoodyear... karmaflux... kedu... Kidas... knifegirl... koreykruse... LaylaLeigh... LeoDV... liontamer... Lometa... loquacious... mat catastrophe... MedicineKeeper... m_turner... mblase... mkb... mock style... morrissey... mr100percent... NatchLucid... nodestar... O-Swirl... ocelotbob... Oolong... Ouroboros... PaladinZ... Phycon... physics... princess loulou... PRiNcEsS Z3LdA... Psuedo Intellectual... QuantumBeep... QXZ... Rabbit Rants... Roninspoon... rp... Saige... sAnTa... SEF... SharQ... Simulacron3... siouxsie... slide... Sondheim... Spackle... Stavr0... stewacide... Stride... tbbk... Teiresias... Templeton... TenMinJoe... tes... The Alchemist... The Oolong Man... Thuper Ranger... Tiefling... Toxic... Unless what a dick... Valrus... vuo... wertperch... witchiepoo...

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