The title of the final album of new material released by the Smashing Pumpkins. A box set consisting of 3 10" and 2 LP vinyl records, only 25 copies were pressed and released around about September 7, 2000. Most of the copies went to close personal friends of the Pumpkins. Two copies were given to Chicago radio stations, Q101 and 93XRT. Most importantly, three copies were distributed to fans who happened to be close with the band with the express purpose of having them copy and distribute the music to the rest of the world however they saw fit, so long as no money was made in the process. Officially, the box set was released by Constantinople Records, Billy Corgan's new record label.

This was frontman Billy Corgan's answer to the New World Order of Napster and a final "fuck you" to their former label Virgin Records for refusing to market the box set. The box set contains alternate versions of songs from their previous album Machina/the Machines of God as well as never heard before material.

The Smashing Pumpkins' Friends and Enemies of Modern Music (or Machina II, whichever you like to call it) is most definitely worth a listen. Of course, the whole thing is a pretty hefty download, especially over a modem...

Track Listing:

    Slow Dawn
    Glass' Theme (spacey version)

    Soul Power {James Brown}
    Cash Car Star
    Lucky 13
    Speed Kills

    If There Is a God (piano/vox)
    Try, Try, Try (alt. music/lyrics)
    Heavy Metal Machine (version I alt. mix)

    Glass' Theme
    Cash Car Star
    Real Love
    Let Me Give the World to You
    Blue Skies Bring Tears (heavy
    White Spyder
    In My Body
    If There Is a God (full band)
    Le Deux Machina (synth)
    Here's to the Atom Bomb

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...or there's always Napster :)

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