This is a CD handed out to fans of The Smashing Pumpkins at their final show in 2000. The CD is titled "Live at Cabaret Metro 10-5-88" and consists of a recording of the first live performance of The Smashing Pumpkins. It has the code CR05 (CR01-04 form Machina II/The Friends and Enemies of Modern Music) and is listed as released under Constantinople Records. The CD has artwork by James Iha on the front of a boombox wired to a Merman's head, and has the message:
Please enjoy this special gift from The Smashing Pumpkins and Metro. This is a recording of The Smashing Pumpkins first performance at Metro on October 5th, 1988. The artwork is by James Iha. We hope you enjoyed the show and we thank you for your many years of support.
- The Smashing Pumpkins and Metro


  1. There It Goes
  2. She
  3. My Eternity
  4. Under Your Spell
  5. Bleed
  6. Spiteface
  7. Nothing and Everything

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