James Iha is mostly known for his contributions to the Smashing Pumpkin's, though he has done solo work as well, none other than his 1998 album for Virgin Records that I know of. (Though he's worked with many other groups, this is just his solo work I'm referring to.) I bought "Let It Come Down" after hearing a few tracks in mp3 format and thinking that it might be worth a list. I loved "Take Me Down" on Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, so I thought I'd give it a try. Aside from the fact that I had to sell a kidney to finance the purchase, it was a nice move on my part. It's quite the infinitely dreamy compilation of soft, soothing, optimistic love-centred songs. I'll have to point out that if you didn't like Take Me Down, you really won't like this album, in fact you might as well avoid it because it will do absolutely nothing for you. It's very mellow, very singer/song writer-ish stuff, and quite acoustic'y, as well.

Track Listing for "Let It Come Down":

Be Strong Now
Sound of Love
See the Sun
Country Girl
Lover, Lover
Silver String
One and Two
No One's Gonna Hurt You

The really dreamy tracks are "Be Strong Now", "Sound of Love", and "Silver String", that's only my opinion of course. I can't say that I heard any of these tracks on the radio, and it didn't get much exposure.. though, those that did review it had much praise for the most part. I noticed a few who commented on the fact that it was nothing like the pumpkin's and were disappointed for that reason. Don't make the same mistake, this is nothing like the pumpkin's material, and that is partly why it's so dreamy. Besides, there need only be one Smashing Pumpkin's, it's nice that he explored new territory, took on stuff that the pumpkin's really couldn't have, or wouldn't have, more appropriately.

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