A handheld device which replaces the pick in guitar playing. Powered by a 9-volt battery, the EBow produces a magnetic field that vibrates the guitar string and can sustain it almost indefinitely (until the battery drains, after a couple of days). Once its use is mastered, it grants the player total control over the attack, decay, and dynamics of the sound produced by the guitar. The effect is similar to that of feedback produced from an amplifier, but completely controlled. To hear its versatility, call the 24-hour demo line at (213) 625-EBOW.

An expensive little novelty for electric guitarists. I made a note to self to investigate this strange word after hearing an REM song (E-Bow the Letter)... but then a day or so later I found out that a mate of mine had just bought one, so I had a go of it. It creates a strange sort of backwards underwater guitar sound. Have you heard Jimi's backwards solo in 'Castles Made of Sand'? That's what ebow sounds like, but that's not an ebow.

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