A little bit of Elvis Presley, a little bit of pelvis-shaking action, but not terribly much of either: P'elvis is an ear-shattering local rock band from Madison, WI. Rock capital of the world, baby!

Seems they have a habit of opening for strange outta-town bands. And it seems, if you get to the show early enough, your socks will be rocked.

At first, they're content to play soothing free-ish jazzy rock with a looping bass, a loping sax, and a buzzing guitar. Ahhh. Relaxing. They all wear identical checked gingham shirts. Hmm...

Then the Estimable Russell E. Hall (formerly of Pound WI) stomps one of the pedals, and all hell breaks loose. Huge distorted guitar riffs pummel ya, the drummer is chanting something so loud it can still be heard over his precise racket, the bassist is lying on the floor (quivering), and the sax is screaming beautiful harmonics over the waves of what-not.

Hopefully their crushing tune titled "Helvetica" will become a hit single on the soundtrack of a Christmas movie. But I doubt it.

P.S. Russell is the master of the rock jump.

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