Primal Scream's sixth album. Released just after the huge and somewhat unexpected success of "Vanishing Point", it is a departure from the trip-hop-flirts and the neo-psychedelia. It is a remix album with dark, druggy, dub versions of tracks from Vanishing Point. I can't say that it comes near Vanishing Point, but it's still a nice album.

Somehow, I get the feeling that this is Andrew Innes's album. The songs feel very similar to his works with the "Scream Team" remixes. Which could be why I don't like it that much - IMO he's the weakest link among the Primal Scream members.

1. Living Dub (Long Life)
2. Duffed Up (Get Duffy)
3. Revolutionary (Star)
4. JU-87 (Stuka)
5. First Name Unknown (Kowalski)
6. Vanishing Dub (Out of the Void)
7. Last Train (Trainspotting)
8. Wise Blood (Stuka)
9. Dub in Vain (Medication)

Recommended tracks: Living Dub, Duffed Up and JU-87.

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