Although some may disagree, the urge to smash people's heads into the concrete (or some other hard surface) is quite normal. Let me just say, though, that acting upon these urges is usually considered a Bad Thing.

Take this situation, for example. My supervisor puts me in front of a computer and is trying to figure out how to get to the Department of Insurance website. But oh no! The start up page on IE is set to something different than hers, and she proceeds to surf around for 20 minutes totally unable to figure out what in the world she is doing while making up little excuses like "their Internet is set up all wrong". She finally figures it out - normally she starts from for some reason and proceeds to type the URL to the website she has been searching for in the Search box simply so she can click on the stupid little link to it. Oh. My. God. But that's not the bad part. Then I tell her that she can simply type it up there and she looks at me like I'm a total moron and simply exclaims, "Oh, their Internet is just weird." and walks off as if I offended her.

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