I have never kicked the shit out of anyone, not even in the slightest. Once I punched another girl in the face, but it kind of ended up with my fist open and my finger up her nose. We both walked away feeling confused.

I think it would feel good, just once in my life, to really pound the hell out of someone who deserved it. Not to stand and think about how wrong it would be to fight back and encourage more violence, not to turn the other cheek like I know I should, but to fly into a violent rage and leave my brain behind. Is this wrong? Am I a moral degenerate? Do I need counselling? I'm really not a violent or angry person. In fact, I'm rather passive when it comes to confrontation. Maybe this is why it would feel so good.

Well, I'm not going to go out and start any fights, but next time anyone hits me and expects me to take it lying down (not that that happens to me very often), I will, in fact, give them everything I've got. I will watch with a mix of horror and pleasure as my fist makes contact with their face and my knee sinks into their stomach, making a sick watery thud as it collides. I may even get the crap kicked out of me, I don't know. But the raw energy of it all will do me good, win or lose. Someday...someday my chance will come.

Anyone want to take a swing? :)

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