Her hands trailed and caressed their way down his body.

be mine

She whispered into his ear, before sucking softly on it's lobe.

'You could have any man you wanted.'

She looked full into his eyes.

i want you
                  'I am yours.'

He raised his eyebrows in excited question.

i'm going to write my name across your belly in permanent marker

She winked.

He hurriedly disrobed.

can i watch tv yet

'Not just yet gorgeous. Go grab your sweaters for me?'


'Because we're going to write your name on them.'


'Cos you keep leaving them at school, and bringing home others in their place. Whose is this?'

She held up an unfamiliar fluorescent purple number, and wrinkled her nose.

He stood and stared at the jumper for a while, then shrugged.

dunno but it fits

He picked up the pen off the side-board.

She watched him, smiling.

'At the very least I'll have an easier time picking your sweaters out of the lost and found bin at kindy.'

can i write on you


can i write my name on you so i don't lose you

Taken aback, she held out her hand to the small boy.

S   A   M

He grinned proudly examining his masterpiece, then eagerly fell into the embrace of his mothers arms.

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