It's somehow related to our Puritan culture roots.
Anything relating to sex is BAD.

To compliment a woman on her breasts means you have seen them. If you have seen them enough to formulate a compliment, you must have paid some kind of attention to them. If you paid that much attention to them, you must have been staring at them. If you were staring at them, you must be some kind of pervert pig. And being a pig is bad.

That's usually how the logic goes. Sad but true, since female breasts are beautiful, and I'm still not sure why women are averse to hearing it.

I don't see how it's any different than complimenting a guy on his muscles or his chest, which is acceptable. Or even complimenting a girl on her hair, which is also acceptable.
No, it is "bad" to compliment a woman's breasts because they deal with it

Every waking moment of every hour of every day women know that somewhere across the street, across the room or blatantly right in front of them; someone is ogling at their breasts. Every day some greasy weirdo accosts them on the street or in a bar. Every day, all day, women get to deal with the debris caught in the sexually pseudo-gravitational orbit that seems to surround their enigmatic mams.

They are simply fed up.

Be different, compliment something else, try their eyes or their lips or even their hair. Failing that, be really different and say something nice about their personality, or, say nothing at all. If the only thing that you find appealing about them is their tits, the relationship probably isn't going to work out anyhow.

And remember, rule number one is: it's ok to look, just make sure you don't get caught.

It's not bad to compliment a woman's breasts

Just as long as that isn't all you compliment.

Unfortunately, if you just say "Wooo, you've got great tits!" that says to most women "I didn't get my eyes out of your cleavage long enough to notice the rest of you."

A woman who compliments a man's chest, or any other part of his anatomy has seldom spent an entire conversation addressing her comments to that part. Sadly, the same is often not true of men, particularly when the woman in question really does have great tits. (Note please, I say often, it's not a general judgement on the male of the species)

I used to work with a man, who I swear, after a year, couldn't have described anything about me, except the shape and size of my boobs, until the day I took off my jacket in his office and he was faced with a T-shirt that said "My face is that way", underneath an up arrow.

By all means, compliment our breasts, just as long as you realise, and let us know that you realise, that the rest of our body is more than a means to transport those breasts from place to place.

I don't think that there is a right or wrong answer to an issue such as this. Basically, it has to do with manners (i.e. how each individual person is raised to react to these comments).

I was raised that if a man said something about my breasts then not only was he thinking of sex, but he was thinking about having sex with me. Sex is a very intimate thing and something that I want to have control over. So, in a way, a man complimenting me on my breasts could be seen as taking some of that control over my sexuality away from me.

A second point is that just because a woman acts offended, does not mean that she is. A woman may get angry with someone for commenting on her breasts (because she thinks that she is expected to-- or because she thinks that people will consider her a slut if she doesn't protest) when in fact she enjoyed the compliment.

And just a side note, commenting on a women's breast is more like commenting on a man's penis than his chest, in my opinion.

I personally am glad for women who wear tight, low cut-clothing. As an adult, heterosexual male I rather enjoy looking at attractive women. I enjoy breasts as well. Wanna wear a scoop top? Bikini top? Halter top? No problem!

The problem isn't looking, it's staring. Men and women alike wish to look good, to be sexually attractive. The problem is rarely the appreciative glance, it's blatant staring.

Breasts are a sexual signalling device, one that identifies a sexually mature women. They're like a worm on nature's fishook. Evolution designed them to attract men, and they do. Some women use this attraction. They may crave attention, and the rush it provides. Some use their attractiveness to manipulate. Others just want to get noticed at all. And, as Demeter pointed out, it might just be hot outside.

I have met very few women opposed to an admiring glance. But staring at someone's chest suggests that the starer might not be so desirable. For one thing, unless you're the mad scientist in the film Frankenhooker, breasts mean nothing unless attached to a real, live woman. A human being. Standard equipment includes a brain, personality and sense of humor. Staring at her boobs suggests we've forgotten or don't care about the rest. Some men don't! But it is the woman who really matters, not the bait.

Staring also suggests that we really don't have it together ourselves. I've have been left breathless a few times, particularly when young. I suspect a sincerely stunned man is flattering to most women. But it's really hard to begin a conversation when you can't breathe. Makes it hard to ask for a date, too, or even explore the possibility of something more than skin-deep. Staring suggests we're immature, lack confidence, have a bad personality or simply suffer from a dysfunctional brain. Inexperience is not sexy in men.

I would ask some indulgence in a woman for a younger man. It takes a while to get used to the testosterone overload puberty throws at you. And quieter, geeky guys sometimes develop their social skills later. A young starer might be a pretty nice guy who just hasn't figured everything out yet.

But as guys, we have to fight through our testosterone, and force ourselves to look women in the eyes. It gets easier with age, and can even become second nature. We may even wish to admit it when we're left speechless. In fact, a gawky admission shows humility, and such phrases can usually be assembled, even within the most short-circuited brain. After all, her breasts are not going away. They'll still be there later, after you've discovered all the other wonderful things about her.

If you feel the need to compliment some woman's breasts, don't. If she's stacked, she already knows. After all, she buys her own bras. Tell her she is pretty. As you compliment her the person, you'll also be complimening the breasts that are part of that person.

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