CHLANE(1)         FSF         CHLANE(1)


     chlane - change current vehicle lane


     chlane LANE_NUMBER
     chlane [options]  OCTAL_LANE_NUMBER


   chlane(1) is the GNU vehicle lane management utility.  It
   is a part of the car-utils package.  Your kernel must have
   been compiled with the -DANTARCTIC_TERROR_ON_THE_HIGHWAY
   flag for this program to work properly.

   The lane number argument to chlane controls which lane your
   vehicle will be moved to.  The far left lane on any road
   is lane 0.  Shoulders do not count as lanes.  When driving
   on an undivided highway, lane 0 will usually be travelling
   in the opposite direction.

   While the current version of the software allows it, a future
   revision may forbid lane changes into oncoming traffic.
   It is highly recommended that no code be written that relies
   on the ability to chlane into oncoming traffic.


   The chlane options are listed below.  Due to differences
   in the implementation of vehicles, not all options may
   be available on your platform.  Check with your system
   administrator or an ASE certified auto mechanic for
   more details.

   Boolean options have a corresponding --no version.  For
   example, the --check-blind-spots behavior could be
   disabled by the --no-check-blind-spots flag.

      Causes the vehicle's blind spots to be scanned for occupying
      objects before the lane change is attempted.  This option is
      on by default unless the --heavy-traffic option is specified.

      Causes chlane to prompt user for confirmation before merging
      into oncoming traffic.  Off by default.

      Changes some optimization assumptions for the case where
      the roadway is heavily traveled.

      Causes the vehicle to not attempt a lane change when, after
      the change, there would be less than 3 feet separating the
      vehicle from the vehicles in front and to the rear of it.

   --signal-on-change [times]
      Causes the vehicle's turn signal to be flashed the specified
      number of times before the lane change event.  If no argument
      is provided defaults to 3 flashes.  This option is on
      unless other vehicles are detected on the road.

       Useful only for vehicles with large body configurations such
       as buses and semi-trucks.  This options causes the vehicle
       to rapidly enter the specified lane, sweeping other vehicles
       from the road in the process.  On by default for Seattle


   The --confirm-death option is presently a no-op.

   The --signal-on-change option remains unimplemented
   due to the extreme novelty of the idea and resistance
   among standards bodies to change existing highway

October 22, 2000       Linux programmer's manual               (1)

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