I once was a nice guy.

Nice guy believe that women are pure and innocent, and are afraid of their own desires. Women who hang out with nice guys (and don't sex them) deny those guys' humanity; they deny that they can have sexual desires. When they realize they do indeed have such desires, they might become fag hags.

Nice guys aren't aware of certain facts. Specifically, that most healthy women masturbate. Or, even if they don't masturbate (usually, because they haven't discovered yet how to do it in a way that pleases them), that they have just as weird and naughty fantasies as men do.

Nice guys also don't realize that -- and this is proven by science, namely evolutionary psychology and sociology -- women can display two different personalities, according to who they deal with. They might want to appear as a virginal character most of the time, and turn into the naughtiest slut.

Nice guys also tend to lament on what happens to them without realizing that if it happens to THEM, it's because of THEIR behavior.

Nice guys are usually a byproduct of the politically correct mindset induced by amerifeminists.

See AFC.

I tend to think that nice guys finish last until the maturing process is complete. Mild mannered men are usually trounced by the dominant, loud mouthed, uncouth jerk guys for whom many women pine for. But this only tends to happen in high school and, sometimes, college.

Once outside of these microcosms of social ineptitude, guys who are jerks usually don't make it too far unless they are sales or marketing. You see, the lack of social graces usually forces these guys down the road of minimum wage, hard labor style jobs where your ability to speak is considered secondary to your ability to lift really big rocks. Hence, the whole "construction worker" mindset when it comes to the fairer sex.

By this point, the women who once pined for these oafs have realized the more sublime man to be both satisfying to her sense of fulfillment, commitment, and love... AND to her need for passion and fun!

Nice guys finish first... you just have to see how far off the finish line really is!

I'm a Nice Guy I have a wife and family who I take care of. I honestly try to understand others and be nice to them. No I do not feel that I am lacking in social graces or less endowed. I am simply a good guy. I try to make my wife happy and I help others when I can.

But I can tell you that nice guys finish last. It may not be because of the niceness but rather many nice guys are not very assertive. Assertive is not aggressive

Through college I would have the most wonderful conversations and friendships but when I tried to move them into a romantic mode. The response was you're great as a friend. I ended up marrying a woman just because I didn't want to hurt her feelings by breaking up with her. I did get a divorce and got screwed over by her because I wanted to be a nice guy and take care of her and my daughter and her lawyer took advantage of it.

I've since remarried and take care of both my daughters. My wife loves me and I love her. And I am still a nice guy.

But I still see that nice guys finish last

I am a swinger (which is not the issue to discuss here) and this lets me interact with others in a way that a monogamy would not. I've seen peope who are wonderful date/sleep with/ marry others who are admited assholes and while I am a friend and genuinely care for them I'm dumped or pushed aside.

While this is a tiny view of the world, after all I'm only one nice guy, I've seen so many that are with the mean guy I begin to wonder what the benefits are to being a nice guy. I know that I used to be a lot more insecure and a very small ego but I've gotten better. I've overcome many of my insecurities and feel I'm a much better person.

I'm not going to give up being a nice guy but when has the nice guy become successful? When is he respected. If you look at our world the majority of people in power are not nice guys.

Hello, my name is Pancho, and I used to be a nice guy. I am currently "not-nice" and have been that way for 6 months now.

*Applause from room of 4-5 guys*

Yes, yes, its true. I'm no longer a "nice guy." I'm not a bad boy, but that's fine just so long as I'm not a nice guy, cause "nice guys" are losers anyways. Now, I commit my decision (and thoughts) to (electronic) paper for posterity.

I once thought it was totally uncool that chicks never picked up on the nice guy. Then I realized that the "nice guy" was really just a cover for "guy-who-tries-to-get-in-your-pants-without-being-a-jerk," which is the polar opposite of the typical "guy-who-tries-to-get-in-your-pants-while-being-a-jerk."

I applaud the second guy, I really do. I would never do it, but you still kind of gotta give it to him. You know why? Because he has the balls to go after what he wants. Heck, he gets what he wants while treating a girl like crap! Of course, I don't condone shacking up or hooking up, knocking boots, or whatever you might want to call it, but you know what? At least you know what that guys gonna do when you turn your back on him. The nice guy would like to pretend that you will turn your back on him in complete trust, but, as many chicks have observed, the nice guy is just a front for a guy who wants to attract a girl out of sheer force of pity. Yes, nice guy, I said it. You want to get laid out of pity. Game's up, shows over. Take your ball and leave, go hang out over there in the corner along with my lonely True Love buddy. You guys would go great together, I'm sure of it.

Yes, yes, I too was once a victim of the nice guy mentality, but it was out of ignorance. Yeah, verily, I saw the Light, I have been redeemed! I once was lost, but now am found! I once thought that filling myself with woe and wallowing in self-pity and self-flagellation would surely earn me a girlfriend, but alas, it was never so.

The main problem here is that having a relationship based on pity, be it a "friend" or a rebound girlfriend, is just depressing. You will never have the satisfaction of knowing that you "earned" your girlfriend, and most likely, she will let you know. It will start something like this

(Lying in bed, post-coitus)She: You know, I've been thinking, maybe we should see other people.
Translation: Okay, I'm ready to get back in shape and get a real boyfriend again.

He: What? Why ruin the relationship we have?
Translation: What? Why ruin the relationship we have for me?

She: It's not you, it's me, I just feel we need to move on, you know?
Translation: I'm done being sad, I'm ready to move on to a happy relationship again, you know?

He: Dammit, this always happens, why do the women I love ALWAYS BREAK MY HEART!
Translation: Dammit, this always happens, why do the women I love ALWAYS BREAK MY HEART!

(Girlfriend's phone rings/alerts/receives text msg from new/improved boyfriend)

She: Oops, I gotta go.

Now, I'm not saying, of course, that being "nice" is a bad thing, but I am saying that you have to grow some balls (this is more of a man issue than a woman issue really ladies, though I hope you get my point). More to the point, you must be a man before you can call yourself a nice guy. Don't be the latter of the three kinds of nice guys. To be quite honest, women can't get invested in these kinds of relationships. You, as the guy, need to wake up and realize that letting the girl know exactly what you want out of this relationship puts her on notice not to mess around with you, or for you nice guys, your heart *eye flutter*. Besides, you don't deserve a rebound girlfriend, that is just tacky dude. Play in your own league! Don't play for the minor leagues just because you think it'll be easier. It might, but that's no excuse, you're setting yourself up for failure and disappointment, my friend, because those relationships will never last...

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