I tend to think that nice guys finish last until the maturing process is complete. Mild mannered men are usually trounced by the dominant, loud mouthed, uncouth jerk guys for whom many women pine for. But this only tends to happen in high school and, sometimes, college.

Once outside of these microcosms of social ineptitude, guys who are jerks usually don't make it too far unless they are sales or marketing. You see, the lack of social graces usually forces these guys down the road of minimum wage, hard labor style jobs where your ability to speak is considered secondary to your ability to lift really big rocks. Hence, the whole "construction worker" mindset when it comes to the fairer sex.

By this point, the women who once pined for these oafs have realized the more sublime man to be both satisfying to her sense of fulfillment, commitment, and love... AND to her need for passion and fun!

Nice guys finish first... you just have to see how far off the finish line really is!