One might say that people don't appreciate what they have. You could also say that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. You could also say, "Get to the point!"

My wedding ring makes me more attractive. I'm not one of those men who hide their wedding ring; in fact, when I'm being obviously flirted with, I make it a point to make my wedding ring obvious. It doesn't seem to slow things down at all. In fact, it seems to encourage such behavior.

I dicussed this with my wife, and she suggested it's because someone else wanted me enough to marry me. Therefore, I must be a prime pick, since I'm off the market without even having a quarter-century of age on me.

Discussion with friends has turned up the general concept in the title of this node: People want what they cannot have. The nice guy who gets a girlfriend suddenly discovers that when it rains, it pours as he is surprised by newfound female attention. The guy friend suddenly becomes date material when he is no longer unattached.

A little silly, isn't it?

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