Quiet anticipation
Lessens the grip on organs
I feel like water
poured into my shoes

...like the waist of an hourglass,
endlessly passed through and passed through...

(kudos to Deborah Garrison)

It's all the little, intangible nothings
you do and don't do
absences and voids
that speak volumes

A postcard
A song (though never about me, which is fine)
A call into the darkness of fallen night
and then, the promise of more

it will never be as fluttering as it is right now
but I will take it, whatever it is
so that my words will not return void

My friend, I thank you.

  1. That time I got attacked by a Wampa ice beast on Hoth, and then I passed out, and then I got hypothermia, and then Han had to put me inside a Tauntaun carcass, and then carry me back to the medical bay, and then Too-OneBee puts me into this vat of warm water. And then I got better.
  2. That tiny little submarine from that Fantastic Voyage movie with Raquel Welch and what if it was in my body and exploded or something? Like right near my heart? Like it'd probably be warm.
  3. Lying in the bathtub with a hole in my chest.

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