Another possible explanation is that married (or significantly invovled) men may feel more comfortable, more secure in their relationships and thus exude more confidence on an ongoing basis. This in turn appeals to women, even if they know that he is married.

Another angle is that women may feel more comfortable being friends and flirty with a married man because they feel that these activities are less likely to be misinterpreted (as bitchy, cold, or slutty) should there not be any consummation of the flirtation (a date, etc.).

Of course, yet another explanation that a friend of mine proposes is that this is one of the many ways life tries to be unfair to married men because men are not supposed to be married. As the character Fish points out on the TV series Ally McBeal, "we don't use the same car for 18 years", so why should we be expected to devote ourselves to each other for eternity?

I disagree with his opinion, but find it very humorous.
Dammit, it's because women are cruel and mean and horrid and like to taunt us and kick us and laugh at us and--


Yes, dear.

Never mind...

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