sung to the tune of "Hurry Nanny" in Mary Poppins

If you want this choice position, have a cheery disposition (that lets out achan, stand/alone/bitch and hamster bong).

Take us on out and give us treats (so you'll need to be on PST sorry, Noether, donfreenut, N-Wing and Void_ptr).

Play games, bring sweets (Sylvar, dwyn and sleeping wolf you're out).

Never be cross or cruel. Never give us castor oil or gruel (bye Tem42, Byzantine)

Love us as a son or daughter...and never smell of barley water (unless you are have some to share LordOmar).

If you don't scold and dominate us (Yossarian, knifegirl, ideath dem bones),

We will nevah give you cause to hate us (Shanoyu).

We won't touch your spectacles so you can't see (Dannye, --OutpostMir--)

Put toads in your bed (well, we might do that to blowdart or jessicapierce for a giggle, so they're out),

or pepper in your tea (Sensei)

hurry, Mentor! many thanks,

Seekers of Great Wisdom

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