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Alcohol free. For example, a virgin margarita is one prepared without tequila or liqueurs. Usually applied to drinks prepared for children or teetotallers that are usually alcoholic beverages - you won't hear anyone calling a bottle of 7-Up virgin, even though it is also non-alcoholic.

Also, someone who has never had sex. In women, this is traditionally associated with having an unbroken hymen.

Also, anything pure and unsullied. Snow with no footprints in it is called virgin snow, for instance.
videotex = V = virtual

virgin adj.

Unused; pristine; in a known initial state. "Let's bring up a virgin system and see if it crashes again." (Esp. useful after contracting a virus through SEX.) Also, by extension, buffers and the like within a program that have not yet been used.

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Vir"gin (?), n. [L. virgo, -inis: cf. OF. virgine, virgene, virge, vierge, F. vierge.]


A woman who has had no carnal knowledge of man; a maid.


A person of the male sex who has not known sexual indulgence.



These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. Rev. xiv. 4.

He his flesh hath overcome; He was a virgin, as he said. Gower.

3. Astron.

See Virgo.

4. Zool.

Any one of several species of gossamer-winged butterflies of the family Lycaenidae.

5. Zool.

A female insect producing eggs from which young are hatched, though there has been no fecundation by a male; a parthenogenetic insect.

The Virgin, ∨ The Blessed Virgin, the Virgin Mary, the Mother of our Lord. -- Virgin's bower Bot., a name given to several climbing plants of the genus Clematis, as C. Vitalba of Europe, and C. Virginiana of North America.


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Vir"gin (?), a.


Being a virgin; chaste; of or pertaining to a virgin; becoming a virgin; maidenly; modest; indicating modesty; as, a virgin blush.

"Virgin shame."


Innocence and virgin modesty . . . That would be wooed, and unsought be won. Milton.


Pure; undefiled; unmixed; fresh; new; as, virgin soil; virgin gold.

"Virgin Dutch."

G. W. Cable.

The white cold virgin snow upon my heart. Shak.

A few ounces of mutton, with a little virgin oil. Landor.


Not yet pregnant; impregnant.



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Vir"gin, v. i.

To act the virgin; to be or keep chaste; -- followed by it. See It, 5.

[Obs.] "My true lip hath virgined it e'er since [that kiss]."



© Webster 1913.

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