UK Train Operating Company. Part of Virgin.

Operates the following routes:

Source: UK Rail Info,
They've got the reputation of being the worst train company in the UK.

My experience hasn't been too bad - they often arrived a couple of minutes early. (Although that was just on a relatively short journey.)

We regret to announce that there will be no trolley service of refreshments on this train. This is due to a defective trolley.

This weekend, I'm travelling with them from Glasgow to London. Fine, except they sold me a fare which is only valid on GNER (another train company), and in a seat which doesn't quite exist. A seat that doesn't exist in First Class at that, too.. :)

I read an interesting interview with Richard Branson where he referred to the quality of his train service and even made a joke:

"Do you know why we're changing the name of "Virgin Trains"? 'Cos they're all fucked!"

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