The English royal family that reigned 1399–1461, descended from John of Gaunt (Duke of Lancaster), and that included Henry IV, Henry V, and Henry VI.

The original Lancaster is a city in North-West England. It was founded by the Romans, who saw that it had a view of the sea, a river crossing and a big hill and thought 'Wahey!'. Then they made their camp ('chester') on the river Lune, hence the name Lancaster ('Lunechester').

These days it has about 60,000 people, 10,000 students from Lancaster University, and at least 120,000 cars (but that's a prejudiced guess). It also has lots of architecture, theme pubs and a big alternative scene.

One of the pubs is called the John of Gaunt. It has a beer garden and live jazz more than weekly. I don't think the original John of Gaunt would have approved.

Lancaster, England doesn't have an air base like Lancaster, California. No space shuttles ever land round here, but there used to be a thriving Lancaster UFO network.

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