Garstang, Lancashire, England

Area code: (+44) 01995

Population: Approximately 10,000

The local newspaper is "The Courier".

Garstang is an old small country town, roughly equidistant from Preston and Lancaster, nestled in the heart of Lancashire, England. Its name is derived from the Saxon word "Gaerstrung" meaning meadowland. Life in the town is largely centred on the weekly market, albeit rather less now due to local supermarkets. The market was first granted in 1310 by Edward II. Slightly later in the 15th century, by license of King Henry VII, Greenhalgh castle was built just outside the town. Today, the ruins of one of the towers is still visible.

It proudly boasts being "The World's First Fairtradetown". This is due to the Mustard Seed shop that supplied and sold the first ever fairtrade products. The signs that announced this information were subversively changed by graffiti artists to read "The place where old people come to die". This is in reference to the large number of retirement homes built in the area.

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