Preston, Lancashire, England

Preston is an old mill town in Lancashire with a long history of political uprising. The town has very recently been made into a city, and there are high hopes that it will soon rival Liverpool and Manchester as a shopping and entertainment destination.

Recently 'The Mill', a sucessful music venue, has re-opened, and the opening of a new student union is imminent. Along with the long established warehouse nightclub and the network of smaller venues such as the Mitre and the 12 Bar, the future for live music in Preston looks good, with many promising young bands on the rise.

The local newspaper is 'The Lancashire Evening Post'

The Central Library is situated in the harris museum, and has census and parish records for the area on microfiche, as well as an extensive local history section in the reference library.

The 1960's bus station was the largest in Europe at the time of its construction, but is now scheduled for demolition in an extensive regeneration project known as the 'Tithebarn Project'.

Notable buildings include the Harris Museum, by the market square, Horrockses Mill, near the Prison, Cardinal Newman College (or Lark Hil) in Avenham and the Train station.

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