Lancaster, Pennsylvania's the largest city in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and generally considered the center of the Pennsylvania Dutch (or Amish) region.

The city is actually surprisingly historical. According to the city's official website (

"Lancaster is the oldest inland city in the United States of America. It is 71 miles west of Philadelphia and is snuggled along the north and west by the mighty Susquehanna River."

An early citizen named Lancaster after his native Lancaster, England.

On September 27, 1777, Lancaster was the capital of the United States as the Continental Congress fled there from Philadelphia. In addition, the city was Pennsylvania's capital from 1799-1812.

Other than various Amish tourist sites, Lancaster was the home of President James Buchanan. His estate, Wheatland, has tours available. There's also the nation's oldest farmer's market (Central Market) downtown.

The slogan used on the city's website is "centuries of fun in just a day", which I can say is quite accurate...except one should spend more than a day there...

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