A surprisingly good AM radio station in the UK. Also available on FM in London, and various other places around the world.

The playlist is nearly all classic rock - what they call "real music" - with a little chart indie and alternative in there too. There's no pop or cheese to be found, which is a Good Thing.

The station is no longer under the control of the Virgin group - it was formerly owned by Chris Evans' Ginger Media for a while, but this has since been acquired by the Scottish Media Group.

get it on:

  • good ol' fashined Radio
    • 1215mw across most of the UK
    • 1197/1233/1242/1260mw in assorted parts of the country for various technical reasons.
    • 105.8fm in London and the South East of England
    • Digital Radio, via the Digital One network.
  • Satellite
    • Astra 2a, channel 857 on Sky Digital, or 12.324V 27500 2/3 if you have another form of digital satellite reciever pointed at 28.2°e
    • Arabsat 3A at 26.0E, on 11.804H 24571 7/8
  • Cable
    • Orbit ch48, in the Middle East and North Africa
    • Usen 440 cable system, Japan
  • and online in streaming QuickTime, Windows Media and RealAudio, at:

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