Award-winning, and slightly infamous comedian and writer.

Jon has worked on more projects than most people would realise - scripting the ad-libs on Have I Got News For You, writing bits for Harry Hill, and creating entire characters in Dead Ringers. He was also a writer for the 11 O'Clock Show, then for the fifth series, stepped in to replace presenter Ian Lee, after he walked out a week before the show was due to go on air.

Slightly more well known (because he doesn't hide in a list of writers at the end of the show) is Jon's music radio career. This started off in Canterbury's CTFM, where he presented along with his friend Andy Hurst. Doing the usual - playing music and being funny. But they got fired - the station manager insisted they say that the station was "Kent's Best Party" - but Jon and Andy maintained that this was actually in a crack house somewhere in town.

From here, they moved on to Capital Radio's Power FM in Southampton and Portsmouth. It was largely a phone-in show, and from here they began their slightly illegal features - which were mostly illegal because they consisted of broadcasting people's voices without their consent. Usually while being very silly, too. For example, I'm Standing On... - listeners phone in from somewhere on their mobile phone, and shout "I'm standing on your wall", or "I'm standing on your wheelie bin", etc. The winner is the person who can get away with it for longest before the owner comes out of their house and shouts at them. They won a gold Sony award for best Entertainment show in 2000 for this.

From here, Jon moved on (sans Andy) to London's Xfm, where he was quite possibly their shortest-lived DJ, lasting just one hour. Apparently Dr Fox wasn't too keen on the comments made about him (namely that he isn't a real doctor, or a fox), and somehow his complaints prevented Jon from getting full-time employment here.

Jon's best-known gig to date has been with national station Virgin Radio, where he introduced such features as Tramps Win Prizes, French Oral, Rock and Roll Cock Fighting, and bringing I'm Standing On... and the Pissing Contest from Power FM. He also annoyed various people (BBC Radio 2, National Rail Enquiries) by reading their number out on air and claiming that's who you needed to call for requests. But one feature apparently went too far - Swearing Radio Hangman for the under-12s. A 9-year old girl called in to take part, and guessed the phrase (eventually) as being soapy tit wank, then repeating it a few times. This incurred the wrath of the Radio Authority. Jon was sacked, and Virgin Radio fined £75,000.

A bit of a shame, really. He is a funny man.

More information than you can shake a stick at, including explanations of all those features (including French Oral:

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