British Broadcasting Corporation.

Media company funded by the British Government which insists that all (with a few exceptions) owners of televisions pay an annual licence fee for the privilege. The BBC (at the time of writing) runs two analogue terrestrial channels BBC1 and BBC2, five national radio stations (Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3, Radio 4, Radio 5 Live), many regional radio stations, several digital television channels (including BBC Choice and BBC News 24), the BBC World Service (a television channel and radio station that broadcasts throughout the globe), as well as the BBC online website at

Produces many high quality television programs including Doctor Who, Eastenders, and Red Dwarf.
Unlike the United States, England and Canada did not begin with private sector broadcasters.

In the very beginning, it was too expensive, too risky, and too important for private entities to take control of electronic media. There was also a much greater feeling for public service in these two countries. Different culture, call it.

In England, the BBC speaks to such a large audience, so that, over the years, it has produced in-house, and with external prodiction houses, for more variety than any of us on this side of the pond can know.

Over the years, as these two countries have diluted their airwaves with private broadcasters, the U.S. has experimented with PBS, and NPR--neither of which really anywhere near what the BBC and CBC were in their respective heydays.

One can only assume that with Thatcherism, and now Blatcherism, the Beeb faces a future not as bright as the past.

As has happenned in Canada, and in the United States since the Ronald Reagan budget cuts, and growing relentlessly since, all my local PBS station does is fundraise. The hopes and dreams of public sector agencies have been thwarted again.

BBC Brown Boveri AG, Baden

Swiss electrical engineering holding company founded in 1891 as Brown, Boveri & Cie., Baden. Named after their founders, Charles Eugen Lancelot Brown and Walter Boveri.


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