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My life has changed a lot recently. So has my lifestyle and my general attitude towards electronical media and Internet communities in particular. I do not spend as much time on the Web as I used to. In consequence, I have decided to stop contributing to E2 regularly. I've become a sporadic contributor to the German-language Wikipedia instead.

Born two years before SDI, in the Western half of a divided country. Still living in Germany, mainly because it's very comfy once one gets used to it. I'm interested in about everything, which I suppose makes this site the ideal Web site for me. Hey ho.

I'm a student of philosophy at the well-known stronghold of neo-Kantianism that is Marburg. Studying the stuff is so exhilarating at times that I probably won't find much time to node deep thoughts on Heidegger or Wittgenstein.

What I'm much more likely to write about is trains. Riding trains is something I do a lot, as I oscillate quite a bit between Marburg and my home town (which is a tiny, tiny place in the deepest west of the Palatinate countryside). For several economic and ecological reasons, I consider the railway system the most sensible way of getting from A to B, at least in Europe. Thus I decided to become more knowledgeable about trains and tracks, and indeed, by now I'm one of the guys who can tell you what a 101 or a 612 is and why Deutsche Bahn doesn't suck as much as most Germans think.

I work for the GNOME Project; I have written about GNOME, talked about GNOME and done almost all kinds of promotional work for GNOME. When I get around to it, I might node some more stuff about GNOME someday.

I suck. I've been telling people for years that I'd do node audits on request, but I never found the time to do one correctly. Sorry. I overestimated the amount of resources I'd be able to put into E2.

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