1. Albert Einstein unveils the Special Theory of Relativity.
2. Bloody Sunday. The troops of Czar Nicholas II kill 100 protestors, inspiring strikes and acts of revolution, most notably the mutiny on the battleship Potempkin. Nicholas is forced to concede a number of freedoms to the Russian people.
3. Russia loses the Russo-Japanese War.
4. Infamous spy Mata Hari makes her debut as an exotic dancer.
5. The American Bison Society forms to protect the rapidly disappearing buffalo.
6. Sinn Féin is formed amid a spirit of Gaelic cultural revival.
7. The Industrial Workers of the World (the "Wobblies") is formed in Chicago.
8. Architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh designs a masterpiece, the west wing of the Glasgow School of Art.
9. German physician Robert Koch wins the Nobel Prize for discovering the tuberculosis germ.
10. The debut of Henri Matisse and the Fauves at the Salon d’Automne.
11. Franz Léhar’s operetta The Merry Widow.
12. Ballet dancer Anna Pavlova debuts her signature piece, The Dying Swan.

- Our Times: The Illustrated History of the 20th century

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