In violation of the Constitution of the United States. A law that is itself illegal to have and to enforce. In any conflict, the Constitution takes precedence over any other law, and thus should a law contradict the rights given to the people by the Constitution be invalid.

However, sometimes it seems that the national and state Congresses pays no attention to the Constitution while writing and passing laws, all too often coming up with something that ends up being taken to court and found unconstitutional by a Judge with a little common sense. I would be interested in knowing how much money and time is spent taking bad laws to court to nullify them.

See: Religious Liberty Protection Act

Un*con`sti*tu"tion*al (?), a.

Not constitutional; not according to, or consistent with, the terms of a constitution of government; contrary to the constitution; as, an unconstitutional law, or act of an officer. Burke. -- Un*con`sti*tu"tion*al"i*ty (#), n. -- Un*con`sti*tu"tion*al-ly (#), adv.


© Webster 1913

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