Intercourse is a nice little Amish community. They make excellent wine. Right on the bottle it says in big letters, "Intercourse". I stayed at a Best Western there, and there were three channels on the TV. The Weather Channel was there, and there were two channels showing The Witness (starring Harrison Ford as a fake amish guy). They were offset from each other by about a half hour. I guess it's so if you miss it now, you can catch it then.

Intercourse got its name because it was where people would meet, not to hook up, but to trade horses, Amish quilts, food, and do other things like discuss religion, find people to help with your barn raising, and that sort of thing. Basically, it was a marketplace, where people would go to interact, or, have intercourse in Webster 1913's sense of the word.

I used to have a pin that said:
I {heart} Intercourse, Pa.
Which also can be taken several ways.

There are no WaWas in Intercourse, but there is a Turkey Hill

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