God Lives Underwater is a kick-ass rock band. I guess you could say they are Industrial Metal or Alternative. Similar artists include Gravity Kills and Stabbing Westward. The self-titled album was created by just Jeff Turzo and David Reilly, then they added Andrew McGee (guitar) and Adam Kary (drums) for live shows and to record Empty. Jeff and David grew up together in Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania. They experimented with computers and keyboards until they decided to form a band in 1993.

Talking about Life in the So-Called Space Age Jeff said "We tried to make an organic-style record, but all electronic. That's what we're about. We made the whole record in our bedroom. I would liken us more to or David Bowie or Pink Floyd than any techno band. We just use the same tools as techno bands."

At the time of this writing they are back in the studio working for a release sometime in 2000. They have a single available from 1500 Records' web site. The single is called 1% The Long Way Down.

Life In The So-Called Space Age -- A&M Records/1500 Records (1998)
Empty -- Orion Records/REP (1995)
s/t -- American Recordings (1995)

They also appeared on the Mortal Kombat soundtrack Mortal Kombat: More Kombat, the National Lampoon's Senior Trip soundtrack, and the Johnny Mnemonic soundtrack.

Update: Not sure what happened to the band but 1500 Records seems to be no more. It is 2002 and 1% The Long Way Down has yet to be released.

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