In all truth these things are called "Wawa food markets". But I have never heard anyone say that out loud. No matter what the sign out front may say it is just a "Wawa".

A store rather like 7-11, except better. These stores can be found in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

One of the many selling points a Wawa has over the already mentioned 7-11 is that you can have a sammich made for you. Well not really a sammich more of a sub, or hoagie. Also 7-11s lack the goodness that is Wawa Iced Tea, which mixes well with every type of booze I have tried to mix it with so far.

So if you're in one of the states listed above. Skip the 7-11 and go to a Wawa. A truely superior dashboard diner.

Town in Ontario, near Lake Superior. On the Trans-Canada highway. Features a large model of a Canada goose. ``Wawa'' is an Ojibway word which possibly means wild goose, referring to the many geese which migrate through Wawa Lake, nearby.

The Wawa in Princeton -- the vacuum cleaner sucking out the money from the unsuspecting undergraduate population in the wee hours of the night and morning.

The Princeton Wawa has a truly unique history among convenience stores. Located in a semi-central location campus, it boasts the highest sales of any Wawa becuase of 24/7, 364 days a year schedule.

(The one closed night is due to a raid of naked people after a drunken orgy called the nude olympics.)

Useless facts regarding Wawa:

  • The name is an Algonquin word meaning "goose"; more specifically, "Canada goose" (at least that's what Wawa Food Markets would like you to believe).
  • Wawa Food Markets' headquarters are located in Wawa, Pennsylvania
  • Their logo consists of a silhouette of a goose superimposed over a stylised sunset.
  • They make some kick-arse hoagies; don't buy their stromboli, though. I said "don't".
Wawa is amazing, not only do they have a good selection of stuff, the stores are laid out perfectly. Customers get in, get their stuff, and get out. Fast. Even with dozens of people at peak times, you can always get what you want much quicker than in 7 eleven or the like.

As far as their goods go, the iced tea is probably the best I've had short of Snapple. If you're buying some for yourself, spend the extra 50 cents and go from the 16 ounce to the half gallon jug. Even if you can't finish it, you at least get the satisfaction of quadrupuling your iced tea goodness for almost nothing, and when your buddy inevitably requests a "sip", you can be secure in the fact that he's not going to down half of your newly procured drink. Their coffee is also pretty good. The only time Wawa can ever suck is when there's a billion kids crowded outside smoking and trying to look cool.

Mojo Jojo regularly consumes entire half gallon iced teas. This is very hard on the stomach, bladder and any plans one has for sleep in the near future. I'm sure it also has something like a gazillion calories, not that I care about that kind of thing.

Wawa has now introduced a cool little computerized checker doo-dad to their stores. Basically, instead of actual human interaction with the Wawa employees who make the hoagies, you can order your hoagie (or hot sandwich, cold sandwich, etc - hoagies are the top choice though) from a computer console. This console has tons of options (Ex: Do you want a Little Bit Of Oil, Oil, or A Lot Of Oil?). You tap the options you want, hit "Finished", and the console prints out a typed order form with a number on it.

You then hand this to the checkout guy, and pay for your hoagie. He stamps your order form with a "PAID" stamp - you've now paid for your hoagie, and the hoagie-makers have looked on their computer screens and seen something like: 'Hey, TOM wants a Classic Italian with oil, mustard, and a LOT of pickles.' They'll then make your hoagie, put it on the counter, and yell the number that's on your order form. Accordingly, you take your hoagie, put your paid-for order form in a little bin, and get the hell out of Wawa with your hard-earned booty. Ah, the benefits of technology..

All information from the inner depths of my Wawa-loving brain.

Wawa kicks even MORE ass now because their ATMs now have NO SURCHARGE when you withdraw cash! As far as I know, every Wawa has adopted this policy.

There was a Wawa within walking distance from my high school. When forced to stay after school for many hours in the AV Club, I would often buy a 24-inch roast beef hoagie with nothing but extra vinegar and eat this while directing a sports taping. Not to be outdone, there was a fat kid named Twinkie who would always purchase an entire Entenmann's coffee cake, a half gallon of the famous Wawa iced tea, and a big bag of some gross cheesy chips and eat the whole damn spread. Then he'd buy a loaf of bread and eat that, too.

Wawa has a whole bunch of freshly prepared items you can buy, not just hoagies. There is soup, macaroni and cheese, and fresh fruit bowls. There is also a Wawa bakery which replaced the Dunkin' Donuts stuff they used to carry.

Wawa is truly the diamond in the rough that is New Jersey, and I miss it terribly when I'm at college. Did you ever try to buy a slushy in the Oberlin College area? Impossible.

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