Wawa kicks even MORE ass now because their ATMs now have NO SURCHARGE when you withdraw cash! As far as I know, every Wawa has adopted this policy.

There was a Wawa within walking distance from my high school. When forced to stay after school for many hours in the AV Club, I would often buy a 24-inch roast beef hoagie with nothing but extra vinegar and eat this while directing a sports taping. Not to be outdone, there was a fat kid named Twinkie who would always purchase an entire Entenmann's coffee cake, a half gallon of the famous Wawa iced tea, and a big bag of some gross cheesy chips and eat the whole damn spread. Then he'd buy a loaf of bread and eat that, too.

Wawa has a whole bunch of freshly prepared items you can buy, not just hoagies. There is soup, macaroni and cheese, and fresh fruit bowls. There is also a Wawa bakery which replaced the Dunkin' Donuts stuff they used to carry.

Wawa is truly the diamond in the rough that is New Jersey, and I miss it terribly when I'm at college. Did you ever try to buy a slushy in the Oberlin College area? Impossible.