There is a significant difference between South Jersey and North Jersey; so much so that they might as well be two different states. In south Jersey, people are mostly from Philadelphia or if they're not from there, they at least visit there often. Much of south Jersey is still farmland. For the most part this half is dominated by the Pine Barrens and the Shore (no its not the beach, its the shore). This is the land of soft pretzels, hoagies (yes hoagies, not subs), jug-handles, circles, Wawas, and roads that end with no warning. Its an interesting twisted land. Most of the people from South Jersey have a low opinion of the people up North and vice-versa. The former believe that the northerners are all New York Jerks, while the latter think that southerners are all hicks. Soon enough there will be a New Jersey civil war and the one shall become two.

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