At its best, a Philly Cheese Steak is a greasy explosion of beef, melted cheese, sweet peppers, roasted onion, and mustard. Lots and lots of mustard. I have never been to Philadelphia, but from my experience a Philly Cheese Steak should be served in a roll, preferably a foot long one. Traditionally, the cheese is Cheez Whiz, though other melted chesse can be substituted.

Invented in Philadelphia, a cheese steak is not health food. It is not a light snack or a good way to start your day. A cheese steak is filling food, a hearty sandwich for celebrating a long day at work, a summer day off, a barbecue out with your Dad. It's greasy, grimy, nasty, and meaty, and never leaves you less than satisfied.

(Note: This only applies to good cheese steaks. Some people try to pass off simple steak sandwiches as "cheese steaks". They are not. If you are not in a place you trust, ask about the contents of a cheese steak before ordering. If it does not contain sliced steak, cheese, onions, and peppers, consider going elsewhere.)

The best Philly Cheese Steaks in Connecticut can be found at Super Duper Weenie, a grill that also makes the best French fries and hot dogs. Its located in Fairfield, Connecticut, rignt near BJ's and the two movie theaters.


The Original Pat's King of Steaks restaurant in South Philly, who claim to have invented the Philly Cheese Steak in 1930, list this recipe:

24oz thin sliced rib eye or eye roll steak
6 table spoons of Soya bean oil
Cheese {we recommend Cheez Whiz®} American or Provolone works fine
4 crusty Italian rolls
1 large Spanish onion

sweet green and red peppers sautéed in oil
Mushrooms sautéed in oil

Heat an iron skillet or a non stick pan over medium heat.
Add 3 tablespoons of oil to the pan and sauté the onions to desired doneness.
Remove the onions
Add the remaining oil and sauté the slices of meat quickly on both sides.
Melt the Cheez Whiz in a double boiler or in the microwave.
Place 6oz. of the meat into the rolls
Add onions, and pour the Cheez Whiz over top
Garnish with hot or fried sweet peppers, mushrooms, ketchup
Put on the theme song to the first Rocky movie and enjoy!


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