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The cheesesteak is truly a singularly American food known for it's sublime taste and astronomically high calorie count. However, if you think you've had a cheesesteak and you weren't in Philadelphia, you haven't really had a cheesesteak. For some reason, no one outside a 100 mile radius of Philly seems to be able to make a decent one, and the further away one gets from Philadelphia the worse they become. I can only imagine those made in California are horrendous to a toxic level.

Incidentally, this food is one of the few over which I have regrets about becoming a vegetarian.
A sandwich, invented in South Philadelphia in the 1930's at a hot dog stand, and popularized by Pat's King of Steaks restaurant. The cheesesteak is still associated with that city. It consists of the following: The result is greasy and messy. Thus, practiced eaters lean forward to bring the mouth to the sandwich (rather than the lifting the sandwich all the way to the mouth) so as to control where the drips will land.

Preferences as to what makes the "perfect" cheesesteak vary based on which neighborhood in Philadelphia you have visited or grew up in.

A chicken cheesesteak is a sandwich that replaces the beef with chicken, but is prepared the same way.

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