"We make the rolls that make Philly's sandwiches world famous."

Amoroso's Baking Company is the bakery that makes the hoagie rolls that are popular in Philadelphia restaurants. These hoagie rolls are used in cheesesteak sandwiches and breakfast sandwiches. Geno's Steak House uses Amoroso rolls. Across the street, Pat's King of Steaks uses rolls from the Vilotti-Pisanelli bakery. Amoroso also makes other kinds of baked goods. To make themselves more authentic, businesses around the nation buy and ship in Amoroso rolls.

In 1904, Vincenzo Amoroso and his two sons, Salvatore and Joseph, made Italian bread on 64th Street in Philadelphia from a carefull guarded family recipe from Italy. After a couple moves and several expansions, the bakery currently exists a 845 South 55th Street in Philadelphia. The bakery employs more than 260 people. The Amoroso family is still running the bakery and still insist on a high-quality product. You can see their trucks making deliveries all around the city.

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