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Yet another day without Everything Snapshot. What happened to Everything Snapshot since April 20, 2000? I noticed that May 3, 2000 was a nodeshell this morning, whereas May 4, 2000 is not yet in existence. That may be significant, right? Perhaps, JeffMagnus script did run but only managed to create a nodeshell.

Today, I am thinking of noding on ...
E2 Search, E2 needs an industrial strength search capabilities, E2 substring search of titles first match at least, E2 search finding sorting by links strength ala google, C! vs C!! display in searches, if filter out (idea) in searches will I get facts only?, how much percentage facts would that be?, does E2 filters out html at each display or each submit? ...

The Feeling Begins. In keeping with my personal May theme of spirituality, I take a personal day from work (lied, I said something about being sick when I left a message). What to do with a whole day to myself? Well, a pot of coffee is a must, and, ...hummm..., well, there's always noding...

Gethsemane. It seems a waste to not do anything with my daily ration of votes, so lately I've been reading the Day Logs and voting up any that offer me any interest at all. And of course, I'm not quite an XP whore, more like an XP slut, so get a neurotic cookie experience from the extra XP when I use up all my votes. Along the way, my stomach gets upset from all the coffee...

Of These, Hope. I keep in touch with a loved one.

Lazarus Raised. I install Prime95 on ickis, and Prime95 reports the CPU is a 433MHz Celeron. Lunch is a bowl of flax flakes in smilk.

In Doubt. Banking, lottery tickets, paying rent, and visiting the library are on today's agenda. (So is the laundromat, but I don't feel like it.) Dinner is a sack of White Castle cheeseburgers. My flower friend helps me explore expanded consciousness, we watch some That 70's Show and Malcolm in the Middle and Greed, I fade away from that scene to node and organize principles.

(Kenata sounds like Alexander Blok.)

It's technically only 2:44:00 into May 3, so what the hell am I going to write?

I went to work late for a very worthy reason, and have been putzing around here, looking through my new EIGRP Config Guide and Command Summary. It seems like every time I even off-handedly mention EIGRP to someone who knows about this stuff, they say 'Feh! OSPF, man! It's stronger, more scalable, and not that complex.' Hey, did I knock OSPF? I work with both. But it's cool to talk about their respective strengths, et cetera. It's not as though this kind of stuff pops up as small talk in the street ("Did you know that you can specify multiple periodic commands in time-based access lists? (pause) Nice day, isn't it?"). Anyway, it's nifty to have a book just on EIGRP.

There's a guy here, maybe 50-years-old, who occasionally wears a baseball cap sideways. This is a very bad idea.

Today might become a very good day indeed. I woke up around 07.00, and felt, for the first time in ages, fully awake and rested. After eating breakfast, something I don't do too often, I was off to school.

I had an exam today, so I guess really I should have felt a little more nervous and perhaps been in a slightly bad mood. But strangely enough I was both happy and relaxed.

We received our exam papers and had to chose between a varity of subjects to write an essay about. I found one which suited my taste, and began writing at once.

I took me about two hours to complete my essay, and it was, at least in my opinion, worthy of a grade which would make me content. I might of course not get the grade I want, but I'll like to think i will. Since we don't get our essay back in a few days at least, this is indeed becoming a very nice day.

So I wish everyone a good day, and hope you'll get to be as happy an content as I am right now =)

2 cups coffee
1 can pepsi one
2 veggie burgers with cheese

sometimes the world does revolve completely around me. today the world revolves around me. i'm so stressed and worried right now. i brought it on myself, and i should have had the understanding of karma to have seen it coming. obviously no one will really quite understand what i'm talking about. i'm being awfully vague and it'll have to stay that way. sorry.

i got back from vacation yesterday. it was nice (primarily because my sister, my brother and i were allowed to do our own thing and not spend all of our time with the old folks). i did a lot of horseback riding, go-cart racing (i beat a whole pack of guys in the races, yay me!), caving, swimming, hot-tubbing, and other similar campy activities. it was nice to be out in the sun instead of sitting in front of a computer with my eyes glued open. the only thing that i wish i hadn't done was calling for stock quotes on monday, that kinda fucked up the monday through tuesday portion of my vacation.

but, i'll go to martial arts practice tonight and take my aggressions out on sixteen year old boys who think they can kick my ass.

this stress is driving me absolutely crazy.

And booyaa, i think you're right about taong. i used to live in the philippines and this was a dish our cook made quite frequently. in fact it was one of our favourites (along with lumpia).

on a slightly less unhappy note, i just beat a guy i work with at arm wrestling (and in front of a crowd, which is specially nice). there were people outside smoking and people watching from the office windows who, upon my victory, clapped loudly and knocked on the windows to show support for my victory. the guy was told that he had just lost his rights to be a man. heh. yay me! more proof of my badassery.

on a slightly more unhappy note, i have had an overall shitty day. i want to blast some loud angry music and drive my car very fast into something that isn't moving. i feel like anything i am proud of will turn to shit as a direct result of my pride (a karmic kick in the seat of the pants reminding me of my place in the world). i never used to believe that pride was a sin.

i shouldn't feel so crappy, i just got back from vacation. though maybe the shock of coming back to the real world is giving me this headache and worry.
An unusually productive day at my job as a Computer Officer today. I fixed our problems with email, and I think we've found the cause of the slow networking that has been plaguing us ever since our office move two weeks ago. (For the hackers out there: problems seem to arise when both the computer's ethernet card and the network switch auto-negotiate whether to use half duplex or full duplex.)

Today was also my fifth successive day without Usenet access, because the machine containing my home directory for my personal account is down. (That's why I've been on Everything a lot lately.) Being disconnected from Usenet was a pleasantly novel sensation for a short time, but I'm missing it now and I hope I get back on Usenet tomorrow.

All in all a pretty damn good day. I found out that Del and Blackalicious will be coming to a club in Cincinnati on June 15 (if your interested the touring schedule is available online at I can't wait for this show. I missed the last two Hiero shows and if I miss this one I'm going to be thoroughly upset. Unfortunately I've been pretty busy at work today so I haven't had any time to node. At lunch I took a drive downtown which was nice. I don't typically take very long lunches but something inside me was screaming "Go outside!"

I've realized my number one digital pet peeve: overpunctuation. I can take an occasional "..", but I absolutely hate it when someone ends a sentence with "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

I tried some more of the Tommyknocker brews and I must say that I was impressed with all of them.. but the Red Eye is still my favorite.

Things to do today:

  • paint, paint, and paint
  • create at least two more nodes
  • start an argument about social acceptance
- / +

Bad things happen to me when I walk around naked. The doorbell rings and the knob rattles and a key is loud in the lock and I have just enough time to wonder how the rapist got a key to my apartment and then my body takes over and I scream. It's a good scream, too, hearty, but hordes of good-samiaritaning neighbors noticeably fail to rush to my rescue.

The rapist is Maintenance, and apologizes through the door. I find my robe and let him in and he retrieves the flashlight he left under my sink when he fixed it yesterday. Still apologizing, he leaves. My heart is a separate creature, panicking to get out. I can't stop shaking for twenty minutes.

On the way to work the car in front of me goes crazy and stops for no reason. Five lanes of fast traffic. I've never had to hit my brakes that hard and my breathing stops itself in a gasp. My car is inches away from that car and I hear squealing behind me and I want to just close my eyes and just wait for it to happen but I can't, I can't stop looking at their license tag which is slowly moving away now and I realize I need to move my car too, and I also need to start breathing again, so I do both.

At least it's Wednesday, I think. Wednesdays are good because Ann comes over and does Youth Group for my kids. Youth Group amounts to too many kids crammed into a room which is small and hot and private and wonderful. It's always too loud and I love it. Five minutes into my workday, cunt Heather informs me that I won't be going to Youth Group, I'll be manning the boring shitty old front desk. Fine.

Three minutes later I am taking roll and there is an arm around my neck which I assume belongs to Adrian, so I make fake choking noises. The arm jerks tighter and I bite my tongue and there are tears spilling out of my eyes and as it turns out, real choking sounds pretty much like fake choking. I can't see who is being allowes to get away with this in front of 50 people who don't even look alarmed. I drop my roll sheet and claw the arm away and I'm dizzy and coughing too much to talk. It's Michael H who I fucking could never stand and now I will never stop hating him. He is nonreformable and I have always been waiting for the day years from now when someone says Remember Michael H from your old job? Well he killed a guy and fucked him and ate him with cheese.

Michael is cruel every day and I guess today was my turn to get it. I feel weak and useless and bad because I would rather avoid him than punish him and he knows it. He's bigger than me and all muscle but he is still a kid and I am technically in charge of him and I should do something but I don't. He knows he hurt me and he smiles. He goes on with his day and I go on with mine.

My day starts changing when I see Patrick H. He's my best Patrick. My real boss recues me from the front desk, 'cause she's a good lady and she knows I hate it. Ann taped and brought last week's X-Files because it had to do with the Church and can therefore be passed off as "religious viewing," teehee. I get to sit between Megan and Robin. I watch Scully's mouth and Mulder's hands moving in wonderful ways. Then Bedknobs and Broomsticks, which I haven't seen since I was about 14. Will S wants to yap bitterly about every continuity error and every example of shitty 1971 stop-motion special effects. It's his excuse to whisper wetly into my ear. I tell him to shut up, and he does.

Heather makes a brief appearance, scowls at me and separates Ian and Victoria, snuggling on a couch out of my line of vision. She glares at me again and leaves. I can't help noticing she didn't do anything about the entwinement of Stephanie and Bets, about whom I have my suspicions. I don't think Catholic school believes in lesbians, but I do, and I let them sit on the couch however they like. Michael H goes home early and all is well.

Okee, this is really not a good day to make my first entry but I really need to vent. First, my english teach, Ill call her witCOCKski is a hundeno, which is esperanto for b!+ch. Any way, she is a young teacher who thinks she knows what shs doing, but really dosent. all she manages to do is piss people off until they quirk out on her, and then she writes them up. If that dosent work, she'll cheat on your grades, fail you, and deny everything. She lied straight to my mother!! now I dont know about you, but when a person lies straight to my mother while im standing there, espically if my mom knows it, I feel te strong urge to bust a cap in that persons neck. now Im not a violent person, but if your gonna lie to my mom, at least be prepared to accept the concequences. Yesterday, I broke the caps of my front teeth, and shouldent have gone to school, but I did because my seminar group needed my support. We were suppose to dress proficinoally, but since I had to bust my rump to get to school, i didnt get to put on a nise pair of slacks. So I show up, help out my group, and get points taken off because of the pants I was wearing?! I would have gotten a better grade if I had skipped school!?!?! I mean, what the &%^&, it makes no sence, and when I asked her about it, she was like, "yea, and" and I said "what the Hell!?"

Here, my very good friend Arleana, mispled on puropse, steped in and draged me across the room and got me to shut up before I dug myself a deep whole. Well, I fled school, went home, worked till 4 in the morning on my projects, went to school at 8, got 2 hours of sleep, and tomarrow I have a concert. BUT, in all of this, life is great, while I dont get to see her this weekend because of the DAMN ap test, I still love my girlfriend with all my heart, and mss her greatly. Any way, I going now, byebye.

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