Okee, this is really not a good day to make my first entry but I really need to vent. First, my english teach, Ill call her witCOCKski is a hundeno, which is esperanto for b!+ch. Any way, she is a young teacher who thinks she knows what shs doing, but really dosent. all she manages to do is piss people off until they quirk out on her, and then she writes them up. If that dosent work, she'll cheat on your grades, fail you, and deny everything. She lied straight to my mother!! now I dont know about you, but when a person lies straight to my mother while im standing there, espically if my mom knows it, I feel te strong urge to bust a cap in that persons neck. now Im not a violent person, but if your gonna lie to my mom, at least be prepared to accept the concequences. Yesterday, I broke the caps of my front teeth, and shouldent have gone to school, but I did because my seminar group needed my support. We were suppose to dress proficinoally, but since I had to bust my rump to get to school, i didnt get to put on a nise pair of slacks. So I show up, help out my group, and get points taken off because of the pants I was wearing?! I would have gotten a better grade if I had skipped school!?!?! I mean, what the &%^&, it makes no sence, and when I asked her about it, she was like, "yea, and" and I said "what the Hell!?"

Here, my very good friend Arleana, mispled on puropse, steped in and draged me across the room and got me to shut up before I dug myself a deep whole. Well, I fled school, went home, worked till 4 in the morning on my projects, went to school at 8, got 2 hours of sleep, and tomarrow I have a concert. BUT, in all of this, life is great, while I dont get to see her this weekend because of the DAMN ap test, I still love my girlfriend with all my heart, and mss her greatly. Any way, I going now, byebye.