This book is so good that I live in fear of somebody making a sucky movie out of it. Only I could make a movie of (Title Deleted) that would not make me sob with uncontrollable grief.
Still, I wish I could share my delighted imaginings with you. I think Leonardo DiCaprio would be a good (character name deleted) in the movie. He's actually a good actor. Did you see him in What's Eating Gilbert Grape? Yowza. And he could probably play the young, as well as the old, (Deleted).
Opposite him, I see Alicia Silverstone, with (color deleted) hair. Robin Williams would be a great (deleted)!
Now this part is very important: Who should play (name of {deleted}'s friend, who is also a fairly important character in his own right, deleted)? I think a great song for the early scenes with (Deleted) and (Deleted) would be "Lazlo's Career" by Moxy Fruvous! Wow!
Um, how do I get the options on this book without any money?

UPDATE! OLIVER PLATT! Oliver Platt would be fucking PERFECT for (Deleted)!
Response to ariels' node below: No, I disagree. I think Webster 1913 has the wrong musculature for the scene in the cave; too cut, too ripply.

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