Today might become a very good day indeed. I woke up around 07.00, and felt, for the first time in ages, fully awake and rested. After eating breakfast, something I don't do too often, I was off to school.

I had an exam today, so I guess really I should have felt a little more nervous and perhaps been in a slightly bad mood. But strangely enough I was both happy and relaxed.

We received our exam papers and had to chose between a varity of subjects to write an essay about. I found one which suited my taste, and began writing at once.

I took me about two hours to complete my essay, and it was, at least in my opinion, worthy of a grade which would make me content. I might of course not get the grade I want, but I'll like to think i will. Since we don't get our essay back in a few days at least, this is indeed becoming a very nice day.

So I wish everyone a good day, and hope you'll get to be as happy an content as I am right now =)