I love little flirty sundresses. Unfortunately, I have been endowed with breasts that don't. To wear one of these, you have to go braless. I can't do that without jiggling all over, and risking knocking myself out. Nevermind if it suddenly got a bit chilly out.

One day I bought a pretty violet chiffon dress. It was all floaty and pretty. I tried it on without a bra, and just felt awkward. I remembered reading and hearing repeatedly about how models and girls in beauty contests would use duct tape under their breasts for support and nipple coverage. I decided "great, what could be cooler, cute sundress and the ultimate geek tool .. duct tape."

So I started about 2 inches under my breasts and started taping, and binding. About a 1/2 inch above the nipple I stopped... I went around my torso 3 times, for ultimate support, then ripped it off the roll. I put the dress on, and it looked great. I felt supported.

After about 30 minutes it got uncomfortable. Duct tape doesn't breathe very well. I tried to reach, and find the end of the tape and couldn't. That is when I started to panic. I tried to rip it off, but it was too thick. I finally wound up searching for scissors and cutting it off. Panicking while duct-taped is not fun. I wound up with yucky sticky adhesive stuck to me, and had to take a long hot shower to get the plastic smell and feeling off.
Speaking as a male, i know this for a fact.

My school throws a couple of drag balls a year. Being of the adventurous sort (occasionally) i decided to go in a simple female getup-- skirt and t-shirt with fake breasts. But, not having a training bra handy, I had to make my own.

The only things i had at first were balloons, unfortunately these had a way of migrating across my chest making me look like a woman with a mindbogglingly bad plastic surgeon. Or popping, and that's no good at all. Besides, they were very large and torpedo like.

So i went with Socks. While i could keep them in a reasonably tight tshirt for a little while, it was uncomfortable and to dance with them would be out of the question.

So i employed the only reasonable technique duct tape.

Duct tape chafes. This includes the sides and corners if not done properly.

Duct tape shows if put on improperly. I readjusted that t several times.

Duct tape Hurts when it is pulled off. Especially in sensitive areas.

Duct tape leaves a mark when removed.

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