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See thar...up thar? That's me 'n Ken. Long ago. In a junk yard far.. far... away.

Change is good!

Effective October 24, 2004, liha will be residing in Colorado.

COME VISIT! I will miss you! I will miss my roomie and in need of some E2 cool person goodness!

Update: 8/2006 - I quit smoking (almost a year now). I work for a small town (Engineering Assistant!) I play FFXI. It is evil. I need help.

I will probably never node again. Never been much of a writer.. and now... well now ya'll intimidate the crap outta me.

Update: 2017. Hello. Wow. I still have nodes. Moved to WY. Had a kid at 40. I've always been a little behind...

Blaming your faults on your nature does not change the nature of your faults.