Nobody liked my original writeup. I realized that's because nobody is my absolute best friend for life.

Nobody loves everything about me.
Nobody thinks I'm perfect.
Nobody can appreciate me for who I really am.
Nobody treats me with all the dignity I think I deserve.
Nobody is always there for me.
Nobody listens to everything I have to say.
Nobody will always stick around, no matter what.
Nobody cares about every last trivial little detail of my life.

If I ever feel lonely, I take comfort in the fact that at least I have nobody to keep me company.

nobody is a user on UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems that some daemons and the like are run as. Otherwise they might be run as root, but that would be insecure, so, voila, a dummy user who can't access as much.

See also: setuid

I am a nobody.
I hate being a nobody.

Throughout school, I was a weird nobody and the only thing that got me through it was the idea - no, the guarantee - that someday I would be a somebody.

Someday people would care about what I have to say. They would care about what I'm doing in my life and celebrate the things I would accomplish.

But in order to be somebody, I have to work for it. I never learned that part.

Being somebody to two or five people isn't enough. You aren't a somebody unless you're known the world over. But you can't be known the world over if you don't do anything.

I used to do stuff. Sing, write fanfiction, formulate speeches. I used to not even think of the implications of each activity.
It's all futile now. I'm nobody.

It's when the brain overthinks every detail of life, when it picks out every reminder of why what I do is bad and unworthy, when what I have done doesn't get enough/the right attention. I've convinced myself I am a nobody.

I recognize this, yet I'm still a nobody. I'm still convinced I'm too broken, too sensitive, too angry to be anybody.

Am I destined to be a nobody?
Will I ever defeat my anxieties to become somebody?
Or will I ever just accept that I'm only a somebody to a select few?
What am I doing?

No"bod*y (?), n.; pl. Nobodies (#). [No, a. + body.]


No person; no one; not anybody.


Hence: A person of no influence or importance; an insignificant or contemptible person.



© Webster 1913.

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